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I’ve been relatively quiet on here with regards to updates on my work and projects although it hasn’t meant that I have been quiet in terms of work… far from it. In fact, I have been involved in so many projects that I haven’t been able to update this site as much as I would have liked other than monitoring emails on a regular basis.

As a writer, I’ve had the better part of 100 commissions to work on over the last six months which has taken up a considerable amount of time for a wide range of clients ranging from video game developers, sports and lifestyles websites, travel companies – pretty varied work but it has kept me fairly busy. At the same time, I’m now in one of the busier phases of work on my convention, Auto Assembly with no signs of slowing down over the next three months there!

In addition to this, I am now working on two new websites. At the end of 2012 I launched a new video games website, Vita Player for which I act as the Site Editor and lead writer and more recently I have taken on the role of webmaster and Senior Editor for the website for the new comic from the Retro Comics Group. It’s all exciting stuff, hard work but definitely worth it.

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