It’s been far too long since I took to the keyboard and posted anything on this site. Other commitments, personal projects and family life kept me away from doing anything in relation to this site and – to be frank – it became somewhat dormant. It’s certainly not what I intended for this website. While initially I wanted it to become a showcase for my writing portfolio and an as an outlet for my creative skills and a marketing vehicle for my work as a freelance writer, I feel that it’s now time for the website to evolve…

A change for the site is long overdude – it’s been two years since I last visited this site to refresh the content and its structure and a lot has happened to me personally in that time. In Spetember 2013 my family and I moved from our home in Staffordshire to a small village in South Wales and while we love our new home and surroundings, it has brought with it a lot of change and plenty of daily challenges to our lives. Many things that we used to take for granted are now things of the past and simple day-to-day tasks need more elaborate planning. It’s not something we have regretted doing, but it’s a part of a wider change that we have been going through.

Professionally, I haven’t written for a couple of years now although I now run a very successful and critically acclaimed video games website, strangely enough with one of my cohorts from some of my early projects from the 1990s. It’s challenging but exciting to be working together on something of that nature again in a field that has always been so close to my heart.

As for the future… I see a lot more change on the horizon.

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