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So you’ve popped over to this page to find out a bit more about me. Okay, here goes…

My name, if you haven’t already figured it out from reading the rest of the site, is Simon Plumbe and I was born in West Bromwich in July 1971. I moved to Lichfield in Staffordshire in November 2008 prior to getting married, and then moved to a small village in South Wales in the wonderfully scenic valleys, just outside of Port Talbot in 2013 which is where I now consider to be my final home.

I’m a self-confessed animal lover, pro wrestling fan, sci-fi and video game enthusiast with a passion for retro gaming having grew up with one computer or games console or another since the mid-70s. That passion has lead me to run several websites dedicated to gaming and all things sci-fi and fantasy as well as spending most of the last thirty years running fan clubs, conventions and writing on an amateur and professional basis about most of my hobbies and interests.

Since 1989 I have been running what can best be described as a non-profit making “geek organisation” dedicated to running events, producing fan magazines, websites and digital publications (which is still running to this day) and it has covered everything from running Doctor Who and Star Trek fan clubs, Star Trek and Transformers conventions, publishing a range of critically-acclaimed computer software and even working with a range of companies involved in the science fiction field in a consultancy role.

On a professional level I’ve worked on a range of magazines freelancing since 1994 and for publishers online covering an incredibly diverse range of subjects although I have scaled this back considerably these days to focus on my own personal projects and my personal life.

I’m married and am a full time carer for my wife Trish. We have a teenage daughter, Hannah who means the world to both of us and if there’s any more you want to know… well that’s for another time!


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