I’m Back!

This website was launched several years ago but to be honest it had been pretty dormant for quite some time. I’d original intended this to be more of a marketing tool for my work as a freelance writer. While I’m still writing and haven’t stopped for almost 30 years now, I’m focusing once more on all of my personal projects rather than on anything professional.

That being said it almost made this website redundant. So a few weeks ago I made the decision to revitalise it and revamp it as a blog itself covering everything that interests me. In doing so I’ve been looking back, editing some of the old content, removing some pieces and generally improving the look and style of the site with a new theme and structure.

At the same time, I’ve revived my old Twitter account which had little activity since that was activated back in 2015 so it’s my hope that both this site and the Twitter account will run in parallel as an outlet for my inner thoughts.

It doesn’t meanĀ  that I’ll be ignoring all my other websites, but this will really have all of my personal musings that just won’t go anywhere else!

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