A Vegetarian Journey – The First Week

Day Seven – Sunday, 7th October 2018

It’s the last day of the first week and staying at home was going to be something of a luxury. I was going to be able to cook anything I wanted all day. This was going to be fun! It didn’t mean I was going to make elaborate meals all day long but I knew I had freedom to choose, something I felt was lacking for me for most of the week. Taking advantage of that I started the day with beans on toast. I had a day of writing planned so I wanted something filling and that would keep me going for a good few hours!

I made a point of always having something in that I could eat no matter what mood I was in. Whether I had the time to cook and wait for a meal or if I wanted a quick snack. Having spent more time at the keyboard than I planned, most of it researching I needed a quick meal for lunch. Fortunately I was prepared with the ever-faithful ready meals. Ten minutes out of the freezer and I was happily munching on spinach and ricotta canelloni.

The day wrapped up with a bit of a mash-up. I grabbed a packet of tomato and mascarpone pasta and sauce and cooked that. That would have been fine on its own normally but I decided to add in some sweetcorn and freshly cooked mushrooms to fill it out.

So that was it. My final meal of the day, and the last of my first week. But how did it go in the end?

The First Week Ends

After managing to survive the week it’s been an eventful experience. Unlike a “normal” diet I can’t have naughty days and just treat myself and relax over what I eat. I wish it were that simple. Anyone on a diet will tell you that having a day off isn’t the end of the world. All you have to do is pick up and carry on the day after.

Here it’s different. Being vegetarian isn’t about weight loss but more a complete lifestyle choice. It’s about respecting the lives of animals. Having even one non-vegetarian meal intentionally goes against everything that you believe in. At the moment I do feel like I’m checking and double-checking everything I eat but I know that will get easier over time.

In terms of the food itself, even being away from home I think overall I’ve managed quite well in terms of variety and flavours. If anything, I actually think I’m eating better than before. I’m more focused and making sure that I don’t miss meals (something I was terrible for doing) and I’m thinking more about the type of meals I’m eating rather than grabbing things randomly. I also seem to be planning in advance rather than buying for the moment. That should help cut down on long-term food waste as well and that’s been a problem we’ve had as a family for years.

Roll on week two…!

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